A most enjoyable time was had by all acting as judges and getting to taste all the lovely runny honeys. A combination of the 2015 Bring - Show - Taste Honey Show with an element of judging and the award of the Shields and Cup. The new Photographic Competition was well supported. Plus, the baking went down well with a well-earned cup of tea to accompany the craic!

On the basis that if you ask 3 beekeepers a question about a problem you are most likely to get at least four solutions, the D&DBKA does not endorse everything that appears on this site or is linked from this site.

Please  note that as from Wednesday 20th April a new password for members  has been allocated.



Wednesday 16th November 7.30pm for 7.45pm Graeme Sharpe will give a talk on "Varroa Treatments" as there have been several developments to which we need to know about. This is a 'must' attend talk! 

Recent events:

Wednesday 19th October Annual Honey Show with Photographic Competition. A wide selection of entries and we judged each other's entires and awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd. See page of photographs and results when it is ready.

Wednesday 21st September Katy Malone spoke on Bumblebees and the work of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Saturday 13th August Stuart & Tricia Tickner hosted a meeting at their apiary in Eathie. Plenty to see and learn from followed by an opportunity for fellowship over refreshments.

Saturday 6th August  Arthur Hill hosted an extra meeting where the theme was "Preparation for over-wintering".

Saturday 23rd July An enjoyable and interesting apiary visit to Strathpeffer, courtesy of Sarah Smyth.

Saturday 18th June A most enjoyable visit to the apiary of Graham & Mary Applegate, Evanton, along with Dave Thomson. Plenty of interest to discuss. Many thanks to our hosts. Photographs can be found below. Subsequent to the visit there are successes to report. The very 'flighty' queen was successfully returned to the colony as evidenced by further egg-laying. The colony where there was a predicted laying worker due to the scattered, erratic appearance of drone brood was succesfully cured by dumping all the bees some way from the brood nest and two frames of young eggs provided, two eggs of which have been sealed into queen cells. A very satisfactory result.

Saturday 21st May - rather a non-event as our first apiary visit of the Summer had to be cancelled due to bad weather on the West Coast.

Wednesday 20th April A disappointing turn-out for the AGM which was conducted in its usual business-like but informal way. The Silent Auction of books and surplus equipment was successful with very little left of which to be disposed.  We were successful in electing a new Secretary and new members to the committee details on the appropriate page.

Wednesday 16th March Steve Sunderland, Lead Bee Inspector, addressed an excellent turnout on the subject "Honey Bee Health".

Wednesday 17th February Tony Harris, Secretary of the SBA, gave a talk "Botany for Beekeepers" with the sub-title "My Bee Friendly Garden", and awarded a prize for identifying the various flowers displayed. Modesty prevents me from saying who the winner was :-)) A nice way to start the year with a hint of what is to come.

Wednesday 18th November Willie Robson, Chainbridge Apiaries.  After bringing us up to date with his season, which was not too different from what most of us experienced, the rest of the evening was spent on a Q and A session.

Wednesday 21st October The informal open session of "Bring, talk and taste" in place of the Honey Show proved to be a success. The Constitution, which appears in the "Members Only" page, was accepted.

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Clean protective clothing is required for all outdoor meetings, please ask for advice, the Group can provide some items. This is a precaution against the spread of varroa and disease from one apiary to another.

Guests are welcome and we ask for a £2 donation.


Preparing to mount the comb into the frames.
Preparing to mount the comb into the frames.
A very messy and sticky job, the roof space was rather warm!
A very messy and sticky job, the roof space was rather warm!
Unfortunately we hung some of them upside down and the heather honey ran out of the mesh floor!
Unfortunately we hung some of them upside down and the heather honey ran out of the mesh floor!

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