28 May 2020Photographs and videos of swarm entering a nuc bait hive.

The photographs and videos are available through the "Gallery" page. 

The bait hive is mounted on a redundant climbing frame in the chicken area and the chickens were so confused when the swarm was occuring! In the bait hive was drawn foundation (5 frames).

28 May 2020New subject created in the Blog.

I have created a new subject in the Blog titled "Random Colony behaviour" with an entry from Jane Thomson.

There hasn't been any "traffic" on the Blog for the past 2 weeks and I can't tell if it is due to my still confusing folk as to how to use it and ask questions or whether no one has found a need for it. Please let me know if further explantion s required.


22 May 2020{Early swarming} - paper from Arthur Hill

A copy of Arthur's paper on "Early Swarming" can be downloaded from the Library here.  

18 May 2020Latest offerings from BeeCraft.

This is a recent email they circulated.

Use this link to be able to view a free copy of the April magazine.

17 May 2020Splitting a colony into a nuc

I have just discovered this very useful document lurking in the depths of my digital filing system and it doesn't look as though it has been made available on the web site. This is the link at the moment. It is now available under {Articles of Interest}.

17 May 2020Petition to ban neonicotinoids in parts of Europe

This link will take you to the petition.

09 May 2020Processing waste wax foundation. [last photo just added.]

A gallery of photos has been created showing the stages of processing waste wax foundation followed at Findon Mills. Available from the [Members Only] page.

11 April 2020Advice on frame replacement

A couple of shots in the Gallery below of some dodgy frames, note that the second one doesn't  look too desperate but if you look carefully you will see that there is mould on some of the cells. Such frames harbour disease.
Members should always have a few new frames handy at this time of the year ready to replace old ones before the colony is in full flow. and that the queen hasn't been cornered into laying on such poor comb. If that happens move the bad comb to the outer limits of the brood box and when the brood has hatched remove  and replace by placing the new frame in the centre position in the brood box. Throughout the season substandard comb should be worked to the outer limits of the hive in order that these may be removed if necessary without disturbing the brood nest too much.

Arthur Hill, 10th April 2020

31 March 2020Advice from BBKA and DEFRA re visiting bee colonies.

In view of the travel restrictions being imposed during the coronavirus crisis the BBKA have offered the following advice.  

The Bee Health Teams of DEFRA, the Scottish and Welsh Governments have issued their advice and guidance for beekeeping in the UK given the current restrictions around COVID-19, which can be found by clicking here.

27 March 2020Urgent advice from Arthur Hill regarding Dysentery in a bee colony

This link will take you to a document and photo provided by Arthur regarding the action to take if Dysentery is suspected in your colonies.

At the moment the SASA address can be found under "Bee diseases & Parasites" - "Bee hive scrapeings". This is inconvenient and I will work on improving the accessibility. Another way to locate the address is to enter "SASA" into the "Find" box on the Home/alendar page. Please note that SASA is not accepting any samples.

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