20 February 2018Thorne's new catalogue

This link will take you to the announcement of the publication date of the new catalogue.

10 February 2018Thorne Beekeepers news January Roundup

Click here to access the January Roundup.

26 January 2018Experience of Asian Hornets attacking a colony.

If you have plenty of spare time this Youtube video might be of interest. The film shows Martyn Hocking’s talk of his experience of Asian Hornets attacking his apiary in Woolacombe, Devon that he gave to 150 people from across Southern England - beekeepers, representatives of organisations with a special interest in the Asian hornet, university researchers and NBU officials, who attended the Asian Hornet Open Meeting in Harberton Parish Hall on Saturday 20th January, 2018

13 January 2018SBA AGM details 18th March, Perth

This link will display details of the SBA AGM.

11 January 2018Hunt for Gaelic speaking beekeepers.

I am a researcher with MacTV, an independent Gaelic television production company based in the Western Isles. We specialise in creating documentaries shown on BBC Alba, and we are currently looking into the possibility of making a programme about bees and beekeeping in Scotland.

We're on the hunt for Gaelic speaking beekeepers, and they're proving to be elusive! We've a couple of contributors already lined up who are hoping to start beekeeping in the new year, but we've still not managed to find anyone who is an experienced keeper with Gaelic. I was wondering if you might be able to put me in touch with anyone who could help?

Kind regards,

Eilidh Rothach, Rannsaiche / Researcher

MacTV, Portrona House, Rigs Road, Stornoway





11 January 2018Beekeeping courses Calendar

Click here to download a pdf file of beekeeping course that are being run as part of the heavily subsidised "Healthy 'BEES' (Bee Education in Scotland) project.

Details can also be found at the Moray Beekeepers Association Facebook page under 'Upcoming Events' 


and will be available on the MBA website soon


11 January 2018National Honey Monitoring Scheme

This link will take you to the web site for the National Honey Monitoring Scheme.

10 January 2018Swarming from the bees' perspective

Last night's (9th January) talk by Tony Harris at the Inverness Beekeepers was very interesting and a pdf file of the slides can be viewed here

30 November 2017Year of Young People

This link will take you to the SBA November newsletter with an appeal for Young Beekeepers.

29 November 2017Apiary Monitoring and Management Survey

This link will take you to a survey being conducted by two students at Queen Mary University of London.

They say that completing this survey will only take a few minutes. They would greatly appreciate if you could take the time to complete it and maybe forward it to other fellow Beekeepers.

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