04 December 2019Important notice. Check food supplies!

Arthur Hill is offering to take orders for Fondant as he is going south to collect supplies. Although thoroughly feeding his bees he is concerned at the rate of consumption.

He requires to know your wishes by 7pm Saturday 7th December.  01997 433377     fairfieldapiaries@gmail.com


16 November 2019BBC Out of Doors 16/11/2019 Honey bees and waxed wraps.

This is the link to this morning's Out of Doors. Start at 1.10.25 

27 October 2019BBC Radio 4 "Natural Histories" = program on bees

This link will take you to BBC Sounds Radio 4 "Natural Histories"  - subject - Bees

18 October 2019Photographs of the 2019 Honey show are now available from the Gallery

The Gallery can be found here. Click on an image and this will open a slide show. The size of the image depends on the size of the file submitted.

28 September 2019Hefting hives

This is the time of the year when we are advised to heft our hives. This article from the SBA website shows one approach. Useful if your back is not as strong as it should be!

19 September 2019Bees for Development Newsletter

This link will take you to the latest newsletter.

13 September 2019Another monster colony in roof space.

I make no excuse for publicising this because it is far more informative and the web site looks to be very useful.

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