25 August 2019Wildflower trails

This link will take you to an STV news article on wildflower trails.

25 August 2019Dealing with wasps

This link will take you to an interesting article on helping your colonies defend themselves against wasp attack and for distracting the wasps and drowning them. The site is linked to Ann Chilcott who we have had as a speaker a year or so back.

Easter Ross Beekeepers' Association Facebook page has commented on colonies with the deformed K-wing virus. They post regularly photos of their meetings.

18 August 2019SBA annual beekeeping convention - Aberdeen

This link will take you to details of this convention in Aberden on Saturday 14th September.

This is not the same as the link to the Honey Show in Dundee.

12 August 2019Bee Craft magazine monthly update - August 2019

This link will take you to the Bee Craft magazine monthly update for August 2019.

08 August 2019Bee and Wasp sting survey

This link will take you to a bee and wasp sting survey being conducted by Dr Andrew Whyte, Consultant Allergist and Immunnologist, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.

Please Complete Bee & Wasp Sting Survey

I am a Consultant Allergist and Immunologist in Plymouth, and I have a particular interest in allergy to stinging insects. Our department has previously surveyed beekeepers in the South West of England to ask about how common sting reactions are and what happens to the reactions over time. I am interested in how these rates might differ in other regions of the UK.

I have therefore developed a survey, please (see link above) and you are being contacted because you are a member of the Scottish Beekeepers' Association, and the Trustees have agreed to distribute this survey to members. Results of this survey will be shared in due course within the Scottish Beekeeper magazine and by email.

The survey should take you approximately 10 minutes to complete and the deadline is the 31st August. It would be very helpful if you could complete the survey, whether or not you have ever had an allergic reaction to a sting.

I am happy to be contacted by email if you have questions about the survey.

Thank you very much for your time.

 Dr Andrew Whyte
Consultant Allergist and Immunologist
Derriford Hospital


03 August 2019Thorne Beekeepers' News Roundup

Clicj here for Issue 35 of Thorne "Beekeepers' News" - plenty of interesting material.

01 August 2019"Honey supering" document and "Dyce" method of creaming honey

In response to the many questions we get regarding the handling of honey, especially at this time of the year we have produced a document offering advice as to how to handle honey supers etc. In the "Honey supering" document there is reference to the "Dyce" method of creaming honey. These documents are stored in alphabetical order within the [LIBRARY] page available to members who have logged onto the site.

Also of interest is a page of photographs showing the technique used at Findon Mills for separating wax and set honey using a heated uncapping tray.

18 July 2019SBA Honey Show and SBA Newsletter for July 2019

Click here for details of the Honey Show.

Click here for the July Newsletter.

07 July 2019Guidelines for novices

July 2019 - Arthur and Pam have created a set of guidelines aimed at novices and this can be downloaded from here

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