02 December 2017Thorne Beekeepers news November Roundup

Click here to access the November Roundup.

30 November 2017Year of Young People

This link will take you to the SBA November newsletter with an appeal for Young Beekeepers.

29 November 2017Apiary Monitoring and Management Survey

This link will take you to a survey being conducted by two students at Queen Mary University of London.

They say that completing this survey will only take a few minutes. They would greatly appreciate if you could take the time to complete it and maybe forward it to other fellow Beekeepers.

21 November 2017Asian Hornet research

As part of the research into the Asian Hornet there is a competition for funds to establish the genome of the Asian Hornet. This link will take you to a website and by following the instructions you can vote for this project to get the necessary funds. I managed to find my way through it so I am sure you will manage. Hopefully we are too far north and cold to be troubled by this pest.

17 November 2017On-line book

This link will take you to the on-line book "At the hive entrance" by Hans Storch.

15 November 2017BeeBay Massive Winter Sale

10% off everything! Click here for details.

14 November 2017Local printer of labels

Details of Speedprint, Inverness can be found in the "Links" page.

30 October 2017SBA Survey results and Newsletter

Click here for the Survey results.

Click here for the Newsletter.


16 October 2017Print your own labels

This email from Paul Honey, yes, that's his name could be of interest to any of you with sufficient honey to require jarring.

Dear Secretary
 Please excuse the unsolicited email, I can appreciate you probably get lots of them, but I wanted to contact you and let you and your members know of a useful service for those that want to make their own Honey labels and have them professionally printed in small order quantities at a reasonable price.
 The service is called Avery WePrint (https://weprint.avery.co.uk), run by the Avery labels, the company that have been making labels for 80 years. It is a pretty easy to use website with an online design tool where you can custom design your own labels or upload artwork. There are plenty of different sizes, shapes and materials to choose from. They have also written a good blog article rounding up all the relevant legislation for Honey labelling which your members might find useful. https://weprint.avery.co.uk/blog/labelling-for-honey-jars
 As an amateur beekeeper I’ve been using the service for a few years now and have been pleased with the service so I thought I would  contact you to see if you and your members would like to try it.
 There’s a special offer for all beekeepers of 25% off valid till December 4th  2018 – Enter Honey25 at the checkout to get 25% of an order.
 Any help you could give in getting the message out to your members would be warmly appreciated.
Sincerely, Paul Honey

02 October 2017We made it onto the cover of the SBA magazine

An article on our stand at the Black Isle Show is in this month's SBA magazine.

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