23 April 2019Insurance Cover for beekeeping activities.

We have moved the page relating to insurance Cover from the "Members Only" page to the main menu to give its contents added emphasis. This is a 'nightmare' of a topic which has exercised your Committees for many years. The conclusion appears to be that the safest way is to take out an SBA membership.

20 April 2019New National Brood boxes for sale.

See Market Place for advertisement.

18 April 2019Update following 2019 AGM

1. The list of Office Bearers and Committe Members has been updated under the "Who are we?" page.

2. The page describing action to take involving a swarm has been re-instated.

3. The password has been changed and new/renwing members will be issued with an email containing the new password that gives access to the [Membes Only] page.

4. The Association equipment list will be revised shortly to represent the proposed centralised location of all the equipment at fairfield Apiary, Orrin Bridge, in the care of Arthur Hill.

5. The winter meetings will be held In the St. Clements Church Hall, almost directly opposite the Dingwall Community Centre. The facilities are at ground level, in a more spacious room with no competion form other organsations sharing the building. Parking is adjacent to the building in the central car park.

17 April 2019Membership Form 2019 -2020 available for printing.

Click here to download an application form.

03 April 2019Bee identification web site.

In the "Links>>" page I have posted a link to a website with several useful pages as recommended to us by a fellow-beekeeper from the States.


26 March 2019Check polystyrene nuc boxes for mouse damage

It has been reported that mice have taken a fancy to damaging the entrance holes to polystyrene nuc boxes to gain access to the interior. Well worth checking before planning to house some bees.

27 February 2019February Newsletter from SBA

This link will take you to the latest newsletter. There is notice that Steve Sunderland is retiring, Steve has always been a welcome speaker to the Association so it will be a loss not to be able to call on his services and advice.

16 February 2019SBA Beekeeping Convention, Aberdeen September 2019

Excessively early warning for this convention.Click here for details.


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