22 October 2021Latest from Ann Chilcott - Beelistener well worth a read.

Her blog centres on "James Savage: Prison Camp Beekeeper, by Taylor Hood."

18 October 2021Thorne - National Honey how Flash Sale

Flash Sale now on click here for details.

05 October 2021Chemical combo is a lethal cocktail for bees.

This link will take you to an abstract of a report in Nature as reported in the BBC Wildlife magazine October 2021.

03 October 2021Thorne [Beekeepers News] - Issue No. 61 September Roundup

Click here. Hopefully this link works - I have never seen such an horrendous URL!

28 September 2021AFB outbreak

Just picked this up from Facebook -Inverness Beekeepers.

There has been an outbreak of AFB in Kilmarnock. This is a worrying development as the west has had no reported cases in many years. I have copied part of the email from SASA here at it gives useful information on examining winter die-outs:

This is just a quick note to let you know that the Scottish Government Bee Health Team have found one AFB infected hive in the area around Kilmarnock and we would be grateful if you could make your members aware.

The beekeeper concerned has been notified, the infected hive will be destroyed and the apiary and all equipment is under restriction. This was the only colony in the apiary. For background information, this is the 10th colony infected with AFB found this year in Scotland, in 10 different apiaries belonging to 3 different beekeepers.

We have now stopped carrying out bee inspections due to the time of year, the absence of brood and the risks associated with a brood inspection at this late stage in the season. We do not either recommend that beekeepers carry out any further brood checks at this late stage however, please be encouraged to complete a brood inspection in Spring next season and contact us if you suspect any signs of notifiable disease. We will then also start to carry out inspections in as many apiaries as possible within a 5kms radius of the location of the infected site.

Please note that this is a notification to raise awareness and to explain our next steps and you are not under any restrictions. There is no need to be alarmed, but it is necessary to remain vigilant. Our experience is that AFB is not easily transmitted by the bees, but by the use of contaminated equipment, hives, comb and hive parts.

It is not unusual for beekeepers in Scotland to suffer colony loses during the winter. Most of the loses are caused by starvation (please ensure you leave sufficient stores for your bees or feed them accordingly), Varroa (please use only approved treatments and according to the data sheet), poorly mated queens, weak colonies, etc. However, it is always good practice to try to ascertain the cause of death of the colony as this helps us to avoid making the same mistakes again and helps us improve as beekeepers.

Due to this AFB finding, we would recommend all local beekeepers experiencing losses during the winter to check for signs of AFB in the comb, for example, scale. If in any doubt, please get in touch with us and we can guide you on how to send a comb to the laboratory for examination. In any case, we would always recommend that comb from colonies that have perished during the winter is rendered, frames sterilised and the hive and components cleansed and disinfected prior to introducing new bees.

22 September 2021Cancelled Honey Show and other matters.

Due to the continuing levels of Covid and the possible reluctance of members to meet in public the Committee decided last night, via Zoom, to cancel the Honey Show. An alternative program will be investigated for the third Wednesday of the month. Given the subject matter of the November meeting, a hands-on experience of using microscopes, an alternative subject, via Zoom, is being looked at.

The minutes for the August committee meeting were approved.

29 August 2021Market Place - details of Commercial Hive for sale. plus 2nd hand items

The link is: Market place 

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