31 March 2020Advice from BBKA and DEFRA re visiting bee colonies.

In view of the travel restrictions being imposed during the coronavirus crisis the BBKA have offered the following advice.  

The Bee Health Teams of DEFRA, the Scottish and Welsh Governments have issued their advice and guidance for beekeeping in the UK given the current restrictions around COVID-19, which can be found by clicking here.

27 March 2020Urgent advice from Arthur Hill regarding Dysentery in a bee colony

This link will take you to a document and photo provided by Arthur regarding the action to take if Dysentery is suspected in your colonies.

At the moment the SASA address can be found under "Bee diseases & Parasites" - "Bee hive scrapeings". This is inconvenient and I will work on improving the accessibility. Another way to locate the address is to enter "SASA" into the "Find" box on the Home/alendar page.

25 March 2020Scottish Bee Health Inspectorate update

This link will take you to the announcement of the "bee health awareness days" being cancelled until further notice.

21 March 2020New page available in "Members Only" menu.

"Pam's Beekeeping Diary" is available from The "Members Only" pull-down menu.

07 March 2020Colony losses

Reports now coming in of colony losses the latest here at Findon. Plenty of food available but very few dead bees indicating that the colony, known to be weak, went into winter not queen-right.

Be vigilant about food stocks and activity.

26 February 2020Suffering from Cabin Fever?

I came across this reference to this Bee Simulator in the BBC Wildlife magazine and thought that it might be a way of relieving Cabin Fever!

This is a YouTube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLLxE7MZiVc to a demonstration.

26 February 2020Communication from Heather Maclaren, SBA North area representative.

Hi all,

The bees are poking their heads out of the hive and quickly going back in because of the snowy weather. Despite the work of Storm Cairi and Dennis, it won’t be long until they will be traveling a bit longer afield and the season starts again.

With that the AGM will be held at the Loch Leven Campus in Kinross on the 28th of March. It is quite a journey for many but I encourage you and your association to come along. Many experience speakers attend and you will be able to make links with other beekeepers across the country. Along with that I’d like to produce a report of the great things that has been happening in the affiliated associations across the North. It could be as long or as short as you like but I would appreciated a taster of how your beekeepers are getting on.

At the AGM It is with great sadness am planning to stand down as the North area representative. Over the last 3 years I have learnt so much from yourselves and I hope I have helped a little in return with your questions. Thank you for welcoming me in your groups I have so many great memories from you all and. If anyone in your association might be interested in replacing me please get in contact with me.

Thanks Again, Kind regards, Heather Maclaren, North Area Representative, Scottish Beekeepers Association

26 February 2020Request from Olrig & District Beekeepers' Association

Olrig and District Beekeepers' Association are celebrating their 85th birthday this year. They have sent us a request for contributions and details can be found here.  

20 February 2020February meeting - Question Time

The topics covered can be found here

There was reference to a document covering the use of Oxalic Acid trickle treatment. This document "Varroa treatment by the oxalic acid trickle method" can be found in the Library and downloaded here

08 February 2020Words fail me!

I'm saying nothing but check out Observation hives in your living room!

23 January 2020Keep checking food availability

Advice from "Fairfield" - keep checking food supplies. Even though the bees are flying it is unlikely that they are foraging more energy than they are using and so will be consuming stores.

Much in the same vein: 

Just a note of interest for the members - use of fondant seems very variable this year - of my 3 colonies one has devoured everything, one has been steady and the other hasn't touched it - and the level of use doesn't match the size of the colony or the stores left with them after taking supers off.

Also they have been very active here over the last 3 days - which though comforting to see hives with live bees isn't good in mid January and will surely increase their use of stores?

22 January 2020BBC radio programmes

This link will take you to BBC Discovery "The Bee All and End All". It was transmitted April 2017.

This link will take you to another radio program transmiited on 15th December 2019. It appears to be part of "Heart and Soul" and is titled "Praise bee" and the strapline is "The Bee which is revered in Judaism, Islam and Christianity".

Our thanks to Paul Washington for pointing me in the right direction.

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