10 August 2018SBA August 2018 Newsletter

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04 August 2018Thorne Beekeepers News July Roundup

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Very interesting article on heather honey - the only downside is that it recommends starting preparations in June!

27 July 2018Update on Jane Thomson's bees

Beauly Apiary meeting, July 18th.  For those of you close enough to the last hive that Jane took us through would, no doubt, have realised from the conversation that she was not happy with the appearance of one of the frames with dead bees and suspicious cell cappings. Well, the good news is that SASA who have inspected this comb have found nothing wrong of importance i.e. no evidence of Foulbrood. The dead bees didn't have fully formed wings and there signs of varroa droppings in a number of the cells.

Good news.

06 July 2018Asian Hornet research article

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26 June 2018Upcoming Thorne Sale Days

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26 June 2018Video of Virgin Queen killing her sister

This link will, hopefully, take you to a video recorded by Barbara Gray. It will be available for 4 weeks.

05 June 2018SBA/COLOSS survey into beekeeping practice and experience

The purpose of this survey is to collect information about beekeeping experience and practice in Scotland, especially with regard to colony losses. It provides useful information for the SBA and individual members of the SBA, and a wider public and scientific readership, through reports, journal articles and press releases which we produce. The responses to some of the questions are used in the analysis of colony losses internationally, carried out by COLOSS. Currently Alison Gray does that COLOSS analysis.

The survey can be accessed here.  

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