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July 2020 - Whilst doing more housekeeping on the web site I came across "Varroa drone brood" - a paper prepared by Arthur Hill on his thoughts for a modification to a hive to encourage the creation of a small volume of drone brood foundation. My guess this was made available in "Latest news" and subsequently and erroneously deleted.

July 2020 - As above - discovered that the Asian Hornet link in the Library showed the image upside down! This link will recify that.

June 2020 - Whilst doing some housekeeping on the website I came across "A NOVICE’S GUIDE TO OPENING UP A HIVE FOR INSPECTION", dated 2019 and can't see its availability for members, quite why I don't know. Click on this link

June 2020 - "Splitting a colony into a nuc box". This amended article can be downloaded here

May 2020 - "Early Swarming" paper from Arthur Hill. This article can be downloaded here.  

March/April 2020 - "Hefting hives" - this article for the SBA website will be of interest.

August 2019 - "Honey supering" document and "Dyce" method of creaming honey

In response to the many questions we get regarding the handling of honey, especially at this time of the year we have produced a document offering advice as to how to handle honey supers etc. In the "Honey supering" document there is reference to the "Dyce" method of creaming honey. These documents are stored in alphabetical order within the [LIBRARY] page available to members who have logged onto the site.

Also of interest is a page of photographs showing the technique used at Findon Mills for separating wax and set honey using a heated uncapping tray.

Some snippets from the Daily Telegraph  for Saturday 16th March 2013 are available here.

This link takes you to the Chain Bridge Honey Farm website and some notes on beekeeping written by Willie Robson. Willie gave a very informative talk to the Association on Wednesday 16th November 2011 and judging by the numbers of copies of his book "Reflections on Beekeeping" that were sold many members were impressed with his knowledge.

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Hints and instructions to beginners in bee culture. (Which still hold good today.)

Extract from “Highland Folk Ways” I.F.Grant

Extract from Ross-shire Journal 9.8.1926 Heather Honey


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