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National Brood boxes for sale. April 2019

2 No. Western Red Cedar new national brood boxes with metal frame runners. 

Front and back lug ends are double walled as shown in photo. 

£40 each. Contact Alastair Rose 01349 877435




As a result of Ken MacKenzie terminating his beekeeping activities he has the following equipment for sale.

All National style unless otherwise stated.


Ashworth feeders.

Ambrosia feeders complete with container and crown board.

Section crates.

Misc. floors, crown boards and roofs.

Stainless steel Thornes sieve for making a decapping tray (new).

Thornes premium B.S. shallow foundation.

Thornes 8oz cut comb containers and lids.

Cardboard boxes for sections.

Full box of new Richmond honey jars (72) x 1 lb honey jars with lids.

Full box of new Richmond honey jars (112) x 8oz honey jars with lids.


Bee hat (new).

Boxes of brood and super used frames.

National varroa floor.

Langstroth varroa floor.

Smith varroa floor.

Prices on application to Ken on...01349 861504.

Open Mesh Floors for sale

Available in Langstroth, National or Smith sizes supplied with a monitoring tray.

Further details can be had from Ken MacKenzie on
tkenmackenzie "at" yahoo.co.uk
tel. 01349 861504 

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Bee Craft disease recognition cards;
American Foulbrood
European Foulbrood
Minor Brood Diseases
Small Hive Beetle & Tropilaelaps

Handy, laminated reference for use at the hives and easy cleaning.
£1.30 each

An A5 sized booklet produced for what was thought to be the 60th Anniversary of the Group consisting of extracts from the Minute Book, list of Office Bearers, Disease and Season Reports.
Also contains pen pictures of past Advisors, Margaret Logan and Bernhard Mobus.

£2 each

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