Getting the best from the website

  1. When accessing the website for the first time for a while an indication of the latest changes can be seen by  the date associated with the item “NEWS – 1ST APRIL“ (for example) in the main menu and the contents in the “Latest news” column on the right-hand side of the screen.
  2. The next check is to look at the Diary to establish the next meeting.
  3. The Map (top right-hand corner) will give directions to the location of the next meeting.
  4. Below the “Latest news column” is a list of the “Latest Updates” showing pages that have been updated.
  5. When logging on as a member using the “LOGIN” tab in the top left-hand corner and entering the password for “Member” the top item in the pull-down list, you will be presented with some extra pages identified by square  [ ] brackets.
  6. The menu item [MEMBERS ONLY]>> when hovered over presents a list of further pages aimed only for the benefit of members and when clicked on presents further information.
  7. There are two “MARKET PLACE” pages, one for the benefit of members to give them first chance at items for sale and the other is on the public section once members have had their chance of purchasing.

Only occasionally will you be prompted by email to access the website, so it is left to members to decide how frequently it is accessed.

For the month of August 2021 the site was visited 318 times with the “News page” accessed 155 times followed by “Useful advice” 24 times.

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