Honey Show Notes

A printable document in pdf format can be downloaded here from the Library.

October 2018 - Members must report to the Secretary and receive a random number for each of their entries which will be recorded against their name, before displaying their entries. There should be no form of identifiaction on the entry.

Compiled on 21.4.1982, amended 1.9.2018

1. Duncan Mackenzie Trophy - confined to Association members with overall total points to win.

2. McCreath Taylor & Co. Ltd Challenge Shield - for best exhibit. (Originally suggested for novice beekeepers with 5 or less hives and 5 years or less beekeeping experience.)

3. McCreath Taylor Shield - for baking.

4. Show categories.
Best run honey, light,
Best run honey Medium
Best run honey dark.
Best granulated honey - any colour.
Best comb honey section.
Best cut comb honey.
Best shallow frame.
Heather honey comb.
Heather honey pressed.
Best wax display.
Honey cakes.
Any other bee product i.e. mead, candles, equipment etc.

5. Any trophy may be won for not more than 3 consecutive years after which that competitor would not be eligible for the 4th year.


The following comments indicate how the Judge bases his judgement on the quality of the item presented. Items should not display any identification of the entrant.
6. Sections
completeness of filling; weight, holes, unsealed cells, empty edges,
condition; uniform capping, flat surface, no stain, propolis, weeping, bruising etc. has honey granulated?
flavour and aroma; is it noticeable - taste distinctive.
colour of cappings; as white as possible, fresh.
presentation; squareness of section, cleanliness of wood, decorative covers.

7. Extracted honey

There will be coloured glass slides matching the three colour categories - light, medium and heather. Entrants must decide the category most appropriate to their entry.
Colour; light – clear to pale straw
medium – light to dark
heather – dark brown.
Flavour and aroma; check as lid comes off, flavour distinctive.
Density; cells must be sealed before extraction, slow moving when tipped.
Condition; free from granules, uniformity of colour, free from air bubbles, no
dross top or bottom.
Presentation; jar clean, lid clean, clarity, labelled or not?

8. Granulated honey
Granulation; should be granulated, not merely thickened
Colour; white to amber
Condition; regularity, completeness of granulation and fineness of grain.
Spreadability; too hard or too soft.
Presentation; general appearance, quality of jar, label etc., cleanliness of jar and lid.

9. Cut Comb

Completeness of filling; empty cells, empty space in containers, thickness of comb.
Condition; cleanliness of cappings, lack of free honey in base of container, is honey granulated? Is there bruising of the cappings?
Flavour and aroma; noticeable aroma - distinctive flavour.
Colour of cappings; as white and even as possible.
Presentation; cleanly cut, container clean and no stickiness and adherence to weight on label, if appropriate.

10. Shallow frame.
Completeness of filling; no empty edges, capping complete as possible. No empty cells in middle (signs of being on too long – robbing). Even thickness. Weight.
Condition; is honey granulating, are cappings even in texture, is there weeping, staining, propolis or bruising?
Flavour and aroma; noticeable aroma - distinctive flavour.
Colour of cappings; as white and even as possible.
Presentation; no excess wax on frame, frame as clean as possible, no propolis.

11. Bees Wax – block
Colour; is it fresh and golden or white? No dull dark old wax colour.
Purity; is the wax clean, no stickiness or dross?
Texture; is the wax smooth and silky - evenly rippled cooling surface?
Aroma; is it fresh i.e. recently moulded or lacking aroma, therefore old?
Condition and appearance; is the presented surface free from scratches and moulding marks and cracks? Is it polished? Does it comply with the weight, if stipulated. Is it presented to best advantage?

12. Bees Wax - sculpture/moulding

13. Baking
Flavour; is honey flavour noticeable? Does other flavouring predominate?
Appearance; is the item a good example of its type, i.e. fruit loaf, biscuit, buns etc.?
Texture; is the texture good for its type? Heavy, gooey, hard, soft or crisp, crumbly or dry.
Presentation; is it clean and well presented? Is it labelled to say what the flavours and type of baking are?


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