22 February 2024January Committee meeting minutes available for Members

16 February 2024Latest from Ann Chilcott - Beelistener well worth a read.

Her blog centres on, amongst other things, "New Research Reveals Complex Varroa Diet."

10 January 2024National Bee Supplies Catalogue

See link below.

10 December 2023Bakers' Fondant - advice from Arthur Hill

Arthur has just sent this advice re. Bakers' Fondant:

I am aware that we have Association members who purchase fondant from local bakeries, and this could have side effects for the bees.

A) Most sugars used today in the baking industry are not cane sugars at all being mainly beet sugar. (Not recommended for bees.)

B) Some of these fondants contain an added preservative, and I'm not at all sure what that preservative is as there are different chemicals available all of which could be harmful to the bees. 

I therefore recommend the use of fondant manufactured for the apiculture industry to be on the safe side. 

09 December 2023Photographs from the December meeting now available in the Gallery page.

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