12 April 2024Latest from Ann Chilcott - Beelistener well worth a read.

Her blog centres on, amongst other things, "Beekeepers in history" book review.

06 April 2024"Acquiring bees" web page has been updated

The page and the advisory document which is linked to have been worked on to recognise the latest situation regarding the drawbacks of acquiring bees from outwith the north Highlands.

30 March 2024Joining the Association web page updated.

29 March 2024Major update to Diary entries - especially SBA AGM details for booking.

29 March 2024Minutes of meetings

The Members Only page has been updated regarding Minutes of meetings. The January meeting minjute was accepted and is no longer "Draft". The March 2024 is available as "Draft". There is a report of the Bee Buddies meeting available.

22 March 2024Pollen colours

Hopefully you are seeing plenty of pollen entering the hives. The menu page "Bee Friendly Plants" with it's sub-menu "Pollen colours" might help identify the source of the pollen. However, the big problem is that it isn't in colour! If any one can point me in the direction of a good colour chart then let me know and I'll get it posted. I've made a start with this link which is also on the above menu page.

04 March 2024National hives for sale - MEMBERS ONLY page

22 February 2024January Committee meeting minutes available for Members

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