12 September 2022
Artistic bees

Stuart Tickner has shared with us this photograph of brace comb.

The story is; 

 The combs in the pictures were adhered to the crown board and the lid.

As you see I broke the seal to the crown board and lifted lid and combs together, hence the slight damage to the combs at the centre. I was able to "Fish slice" the combs from the lid in sections. All twelve frames of this hive were covered in eggs, larvae and sealed brood, with very little room for food. Hence the "attic" store. 

This colony was moved from a Langstroth hive to its present National hive using Arthur's "Spacing block" technique about 6 weeks ago.  At the time of transfer there were 5 National frames of brood and food, plus all the bees. They were moved into the new hive together with 7 empty frames.

I have now added a super over a queen excluder and am looking forward to some late heather honey!

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