Honey Show classes and rules

Dingwall and District Beekeepers’ Association Closed Honey Show Format

Exhibits must not bear any identification.

Class Entry Description (one entry per class)

1      2 sections of honey (any honey)

6      2 at 454g jars light honey (liquid)

7      2 at 454g jars medium honey (liquid)

8      2 at 454g jars dark honey (liquid)

9      2 at 454g jars heather honey (liquid ling)

10    2 at 454g jars set honey (not ling)

13    1 deep or shallow frame of honey (any honey)

15    1 cake of beeswax not less than 454g and 25mm thick

19    2 at 454g jars any honey (confined to novice beekeepers)

20    2 pieces cut comb honey (confined to novice beekeepers)

Novice beekeepers are those with 5 years or less beekeeping experience.


23    Devonshire honey cake

24    6 squares of tablet to be displayed

The first number on the exhibit label is the CLASS number.

The second number is your personal EXHIBITOR number and yours runs from ………. To ……….


Duncan Mackenzie Trophy - confined to Association members with overall total points to win.

McCreath Taylor & Co. Ltd Challenge Shield - for best exhibit.

McCreath Taylor Shield - for baking.

Iain Fraser Trophy -most points awarded to a Novice.

Any trophy may be won for not more than 3 consecutive years after which that competitor would not be eligible for the 4th year.

All trophies to be retained for one year only. Engraving to be responsibility of recipient with costs met by the Association.


Entry to the Dingwall and District Beekeepers’ Association Closed Honey show will be open only to members.

Entries are to be the property of the exhibitor and to have been derived from the products of the exhibitor’s own bees.

Class number labels will be collected at the show and must be by each item.

The judge’s decision is final and the judge is empowered to withhold awards in the case of insufficient merit.

All exhibits are entered at owner’s risk and while all reasonable care will be taken no responsibility will be accepted for any loss or damage from any cause before, during or after the show.

Exhibits must not be removed from the show until authorised by show secretary.

The association reserves the right to cancel the show in the event of insufficient entries or for any other reason.

Only one entry is permitted for any show classes.

Properly presented honey may be taken to the show for sale to the public but this service is restricted to Dingwall and District Beekeepers’ Association exhibitors only. Selling prices will be fixed by the committee prior to the show and a small contribution will be levied for Association funds. Sale items should be marked with their weight where appropriate.

A novice beekeeper is one who has kept bees for five or less seasons.

September 2020

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