23 September 2022Latest from Ann Chilcott - Beelistener well worth a read.

Her blog centres on "Oor bees: Part 2."

22 September 2022New document to accompany the meeting on Wednesday 21st September

A document  , "2022 Advice for Wednesday 21st September meeting", listing all the links and documents asociated with the meeting is now available in the [Library].

Unfortunately due to pressure of time we had to abandon the talk on "Creaming honey". However, this would have followed very closely the advice contained within the "Dyce method of creaming."


An extra piece of advice for those having difficulty finding the LOGIN tab in the top left-hand corner of the home page, when using a phone,  is to turn the phone on its side.  


14 September 2022For sale: box of 8 oz honey jars.

Details can be found on the [MEMBERS ONLY]>> page.

12 September 2022New link added to Links page.

12 September 2022Artistic bees

Stuart Tickner has shared with us this photograph of brace comb.

The story is; 

 The combs in the pictures were adhered to the crown board and the lid.

As you see I broke the seal to the crown board and lifted lid and combs together, hence the slight damage to the combs at the centre. I was able to "Fish slice" the combs from the lid in sections. All twelve frames of this hive were covered in eggs, larvae and sealed brood, with very little room for food. Hence the "attic" store. 

This colony was moved from a Langstroth hive to its present National hive using Arthur's "Spacing block" technique about 6 weeks ago.  At the time of transfer there were 5 National frames of brood and food, plus all the bees. They were moved into the new hive together with 7 empty frames.

I have now added a super over a queen excluder and am looking forward to some late heather honey!

11 September 2022Photographs from Fairfield Apiary meeting, 10th September.

Photogrpahs available here on the Gallery page. 

10 September 2022Preparing for a honey show.

Originally this material was only available for members once they had logged on as a member.  However it is becoming apparent that not everyone automatically logs on as a member and therefore the tab in the menu "Preparing for a honey show" was not in evidence. My apologies for making an incorrect assumption - I'll try and do better next time!

19 August 2022Gallery page updated

Photographs of apiary visits to Lochcarron, Fairfield and Scatwell have been added and are linked to from the Gallery page.

18 August 2022Gallery of photos of the Apiary visit to Eathie, 17th August 2022

The Gallery page contains a link to photographs from the visit to Stuart Tickner's apiary on 17th August 2022.

16 August 2022Laying worker - advice on how to handle the situation

At this time of the year you might have suspicions that a laying worker is present in the colony. You will find advice on how to handle this situation on the "USEFUL ADVICE" page.

12 August 2022American Foul Brood has been identified in the Huntly and Biggar areas.

23 July 2022Members Only page updated.

The committee meeting minutes for January and April 2022 are now available under [Members Only] "Minutes".

11 July 2022Thank you letter from an online class.


My name is Nicolas and I am an online teacher for an alternative learning program for kids. We were discussing pollinators when we came across your website www.dingwallbeekeepers.org/links.asp while looking for resources. We wanted to say thank you!

One of my students, Claire, did some research and she sent in this article with a lot of really great information on how to grow a bee-friendly garden. This is what she found -


I suggested that she share this with you because it had such great information we thought it could be useful to you and your other visitors. Would you please add a link to it to your web page for them, even if it is just for a little while? I want to show the increasingly large group of students that they can accomplish things if they aren't afraid to come out of their shells and simply ask, especially while being in so much isolation these days! Please let me know if you’d be willing to help so I can share the exciting news with them!
Thank you in advance! Nicolas Fuller

03 July 2022Scotland's new 10-year Honey Bee Health Strategy 2022-23

Scotland’s new 10-year Honey Bee Health Strategy 2022-23 has been published today [Thursday 30th June 2022].

The Strategy has been developed in conjunction with the Bee Health Improvement Partnership (BHIP) and has taken into account the review of the previous strategy and the results of the SG honey bee health survey. 
Its main aim is “Working in partnership to achieve a healthy and sustainable population of honey bees in Scotland”.
The strategy details five pillars which will outline the ways of working which we will base our actions over the next 10 years:

 Education, Training and Knowledge Transfer

 Communication and partnership working across government, operational partners, stakeholders and all of those with an interest in honey bees in Scotland

Pest and Disease surveillance, prevention, diagnosis, and control

 Research and Development.

 On-going review of the regulatory framework

The Strategy will be the overarching document which will be accompanied by an Implementation Plan. This will be a ‘living’ document detailing more specifically the actions which the BHIP will deliver in order to achieve the desired outcomes for honey bee health in Scotland. The Plan will be updated regularly following quarterly BHIP meetings and published on the Scottish Government website on our Bee Health pages.

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