26 May 2023Latest from Ann Chilcott - Beelistener well worth a read.

Her blog centres on, amongst other things "Maltese bees & swarm control."

24 May 2023Directions to Stuart and Jo Young's apiary, 14th June

Turn in at Aigas Golf Course and come up the road past the clubhouse.

Continue up past the steading, keeping right through the gate. 

Keep driving up the hill, past the farmhouse and it is the wee cottage up on the left. The postcode is IV4 7AD. Stuart will put up some signs.

Start time is 6.30pm to allow the hives to be opened at 6.45pm.

We would encourage car-sharing although the car park at the Golf Club could be used for any overflow. 

15 members maximum - please email Barbara on dingwall.beekeeping@gmail.com and remember to give us your emergency contact details if you haven't already done so.

06 May 2023Queen rearing course, Inverness

Details of the Queen rearing course are now available from the top menu.

06 May 2023Collecting and sharing swarms -

Swarms - who wants to collect and who wants to acquire them

It is officially swarming season in our area now so if you are interested in being called out to capture a swarm when we are advised of one by a member of the public, can you let me know? We will have contact numbers for most of you but if you can add your number to the email, that would be helpful.

I will also compile a list of members who are waiting for a swarm so that if the swarm collector doesn't want the bees, they will be offered to you. Once again, please email , Barbara, with your name and number.

02 May 2023Diary updated for 14th June meeting

27 April 2023Boat Race photos available through the Menu above. Plus a couple more.

Hopefully there are more photos out there which I would like to add to this page. Please send them to the webmaster.  Thank you for the 23 extra ones 'borrowed' from Facebook.

24 April 2023 AGM quiz

The 40 questions used for the quiz are now avilable through the menu above as are the answers.

20 April 2023The 2023-2024 password is now in operation.

A new password has been issued to you when you join and this is now in operation. Non-members will continue to receive email messages for 4 weeks.

18 April 2023Renovation of the famous Chain Bridge. April 2023

We have added a link  to images of the recent renovation of the Chain Bridge to the "Chain Bridge Honey Farm" page.

14 April 2023Missing poly nuc box

We are still looking for the missing poly nuc box.

13 April 2023A timely warning - Damaged Wing Syndrome

Damaged Wimg Syndrome (DWS)

We may experience an increase in the number of incidents of DWS this Spring,  this being caused by unusually high variants of weather patterns, so this will depend on the patterns in your district.

If you experience DWS please DO NOT TREAT FOR VARROA. Test for the mite and only if you have a fairly high count treat. Over-treating can do far more harm than good so fingers off the panic button.

Arthur Hill

06 April 2023[Members Only] page updated.

The remaining items of equipment available to members is listed with their location.

01 April 2023Silent Auction of Association Equipment - bidding now ended.

Bidding now ended.

Items are available from Findon Mills and can be collected by notifying roger.piercy167@btinternet.com or phoning 01349 877401

Payment can be made direct using Bank of Scotland, Dingwall Branch, Sort Code 80-06-35, Account number 00259608, the account is "Private" and the name of the account is "Dingwall & District Beekeepers' Association". or by cash.


25 March 2023[Members Only] page updated. Latest items for sale - now sold.

22 March 2023Contribution to the National Bee Unit from Arthur Hill

The document can be downloaded here.  

08 March 2023The story of the bee shed

Following Monday's dismantling and removal of the bee shed from Brahan I have reorganised the pages showing the history of the shed. This is accessed from the main menu.

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