22 February 2021Latest on-line SBA talk.

This link will give details of the next on-line talk, Wednesday 3rd March at 7.30pm.

19 February 2021New link added - website advising on pollination and gardening.

Please see the "Links>>" page for the latest recommended site dealing with Pollination - heavily biased towards American conditions.

19 February 2021Latest from Ann Chilcott - Beelistener well worth a read.

Her blog centres on "Feeding Bees: A Mix Up?"

17 February 2021Latest updates

The first edition of Pam's Beekeeping Diary is now available under the [Members Only]>> menu. Also the Calendar now has an entry for an on-line discussion with a panel on 2nd March.at 7.30pm. Details will be initially circulated by email.

15 February 2021Bees vs Hornets- who flung dung?

I came across this in my BBC Wildlife magazine March 2021 Vol 39 No 03 The article was very short and not as full as this document, but it might make for interesting reading.

15 February 2021Last Ulster Beekeepers Winter Webinar

This Thursday, 18th February - the last Webinar hosted by Ulster Bekeepers. 

15 February 2021Something to while away the time when having a coffee.

Pam and I were keeping ourselves amused compiling this simple puzzle.

10 February 2021Latest from SBA - Checking Winter stores

Click here for the latest from SBA.

07 February 2021Thorne [Beekeepers News] - Issue No. 53 January Roundup

Click here. Hopefully this link works - I have never seen such an horrendous URL!

04 February 2021Re-organisation of Pam's Beekeeping Diary page

The page is now listed in date order with the date shown for each edition. Hopefully this will aid readers accessing the diary that corresponds to the time of the year when checking what was happening with Pam's bees.

It is still only accessible from the [MEMBERS ONLY]>> page.

29 January 2021Latest newsletter from SBA - notice of module exams

This link will take you to the latest newsletter.

27 January 2021Now posted! Further advice on acquiring bees in Members Only>> page

The Members Only>> page contains further advice on acquiring bees with the warning of the increasing risk that imported bees run the extra risk of introducing EFB into the Highlands.

26 January 2021Suggested advice on accessing the Blog

I am still struggling to see how to get the best out of the Blog feature. My latest thinking, having been guided by a non-computing fan(!), is to click on Index as the starting point to see a date order list of submissions.


26 January 2021SBA on-line talks. Wednesday 3rd February @ 7.30pm

Details of this talk and registration link can be found here.  

25 January 2021New item in Blog - "Overwintering bees"

24 January 2021Greenpeace petition

This link https://act.gp/39udzl7 will take you to a petition set up by Greenpeace to protest against the government approving the use of a deadly bee-killing pesticide.

03 January 2021Thorne's Issue 52 of their newsletter,

This link will take you to their Newsletter.

15 December 2020New page "Acquiring bees" added to menu.

09 December 2020Survey of "treatment-free" beekeepers

We have received the following request:

To whom it may concern,

I am currently in my final year of study for my zoology degree at Salford University supervised by Prof Stephen Martin. As part of my final year project, I am investigating the number of treatment free beekeepers compared to beekeepers who treat their bees in the UK and am looking to distribute a survey to each individual association in the UK.

Thanks so much for the time and best wishes, Alexandra Valentine  ( A.Valentine@edu.salford.ac.uk )  

If you wish to take part please communicate directly with Alexandra

01 December 2020Temporary phone numbers and opening times for Thorne.

This link will take you to a webpage showing temporary phone numbers and opening times for contacting Thorne.

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