28 December 2019Thorne Winter Sale

This link will take you to the Thorne Winter Sale page.  

10 December 2019BBC Countryfile - a different way of living with bees!

This link will take you to the Sunday 8th December program. The item on bees starts at 08.15 and lasts about 5 minutes.

04 December 2019Important notice. Check food supplies!

Arthur Hill offered to take orders for Fondant as he was going south to collect supplies. Although thoroughly feeding his bees he is concerned at the rate of consumption.


16 November 2019BBC Out of Doors 16/11/2019 Honey bees and waxed wraps.

This is the link to this morning's Out of Doors. Start at 1.10.25 

27 October 2019BBC Radio 4 "Natural Histories" = program on bees

This link will take you to BBC Sounds Radio 4 "Natural Histories"  - subject - Bees

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