20 February 2020February meeting -

The topics covered can be found here

There was reference to a document covering the use of Oxalic Acid trickle treatment. This document "Varroa treatment by the oxalic acid trickle method" can be found in the Library and downloaded here

08 February 2020Words fail me!

I'm saying nothing but check out Observation hives in your living room!

23 January 2020Keep checking food availability

Advice from "Fairfield" - keep checking food supplies. Even though the bees are flying it is unlikely that they are foraging more energy than they are using and so will be consuming stores.

Much in the same vein: 

Just a note of interest for the members - use of fondant seems very variable this year - of my 3 colonies one has devoured everything, one has been steady and the other hasn't touched it - and the level of use doesn't match the size of the colony or the stores left with them after taking supers off.

Also they have been very active here over the last 3 days - which though comforting to see hives with live bees isn't good in mid January and will surely increase their use of stores?

22 January 2020BBC radio programmes

This link will take you to BBC Discovery "The Bee All and End All". It was transmitted April 2017.

This link will take you to another radio program transmiited on 15th December 2019. It appears to be part of "Heart and Soul" and is titled "Praise bee" and the strapline is "The Bee which is revered in Judaism, Islam and Christianity".

Our thanks to Paul Washington for pointing me in the right direction.

28 December 2019Thorne Winter Sale

This link will take you to the Thorne Winter Sale page.  

10 December 2019BBC Countryfile - a different way of living with bees!

This link will take you to the Sunday 8th December program. The item on bees starts at 08.15 and lasts about 5 minutes.

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