28 September 2020Colony Thirst & Water Collection - presentation by Professor Tom Seeley

A link to this recent presentation can be accessed through here.  

26 September 2020Rescuing a late swarm

The trouble some people go to to rescue a swarm from a very awkward place. Click here for the evidence. 

25 September 2020Latest from Ann Chilcott - Beelistener well worth a read.

Her blog centres on "Fumigating Combs and Preparing for Winter".

24 September 2020Controlling Varroa with Rhubarb leaves.

Not something to try this year now but something to consider next year. Click here for an interesting article.

19 September 2020COLOSS bee survey.

This link will take you to the COLOSS website where they are inviting beekeepers to respond to a survey which covers various aspects of beekeeping such as; 

  • How did you start beekeeping?
  • What beekeeping education do you have?
  • What kind of network do you belong to?
  • How do you get information about beekeeping?
  • What kind of training do you want?
  • What are the biggest problems within your beekeeping?
  • Where do you think focus should be in the future?


06 September 2020Revised Honey Show rules

Your Committee has revised the rules for the Honey Show following last year's experiment with a very formal style of classes. Your comments would be appreciated. Click here for the document.

04 September 2020"Honey bee venom kills some breast cancer cells"

This link will take you to a BBC World News article.

01 September 2020Latest newsletter from SBA

Theme is "Winter Feeding of Honeybees" - click on this link.  

01 September 2020Check Market Place - brand-new beekeeping gloves for sale.

14 August 2020Wide range of National hive bits and pieces for sale.

See Market Place for details of the balance of Ken Mackenzie's National hive bits and pieces. Contact Ken directly for prices.


10 July 2020Request from Scottish Bee Health Inspectorate

As a result of recent outbreaks of American and European Foul Brood across Scotland, Luis Molero Lopez has issued this request. Once again it is a request that all Scottish Beekeepers register their hives on Beebase. The full details of the Scottish Goverment's request can be found here.

Matthew Richardson, our SBA Bee Health and Science Officer, has kindly provided some guidance and useful links on good beekeeping practices including apiary hygiene and disease inspections. To view this advice in full please click here.

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