03 December 2018
News from Bees for Development

We have launched our Christmas appeal:  this is our only fund raising campaign in 2018, and we are asking you to support work in northern Ethiopia.  The government in Amhara identifies people most in need, and we train those interested to learn beekeeping.  We work with them for two years - it takes this long to learn new skills and build their own resilient income.  We have trained over 800 people like this in the past two years.

We are not just interested in people - we are interested in bees too:  to see them protected, and their habitat restored.  We are rewilding areas of degraded forest, working with poor communities over many years to continue protecting forests as they regenerate.  Please help by donating here: https://secure.thebiggive.org.uk/donation/to/4665/30259/

As I write this on Friday afternoon, we still have £4,000 of matching funds available to double your donation.  By the time you reach our website - it might all have been used - or you might be lucky to have your donation doubled.  Either way, please give whatever you can - every donation helps with this work.

We are a very small charity running on a shoestring, and we are extremely careful with how we use your funds.  £35 supports one person to get started with bees, while £200 supports them for 2 years as they learn their way out of poverty. 

You can gain a measure of how well your money is used, and how far it can reach, by watching this very brief interview (3 mins) with the Ethiopian girl Alemnesh http://beesfd.org/thebiggive/#video .  Please enjoy the film, and then give what you can, so that next year we can help more young people out of crushing poverty.

Thank you for your interest and support, Nicola and the team at Bees for Development

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