11 April 2020
Advice on frame replacement

A couple of shots in the Gallery below of some dodgy frames, note that the second one doesn't  look too desperate but if you look carefully you will see that there is mould on some of the cells. Such frames harbour disease.
Members should always have a few new frames handy at this time of the year ready to replace old ones before the colony is in full flow. and that the queen hasn't been cornered into laying on such poor comb. If that happens move the bad comb to the outer limits of the brood box and when the brood has hatched remove  and replace by placing the new frame in the centre position in the brood box. Throughout the season substandard comb should be worked to the outer limits of the hive in order that these may be removed if necessary without disturbing the brood nest too much.

Arthur Hill, 10th April 2020

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